1. This is one of many pics from our CD Release Show. Thanks to Toms Fauxtography!

  2. Our buddy, Dan, Dan The Guitar Man!

  3. Come and get them at tonight’s show! 7pm Stuart Downtown Riverwalk Stage!

  4. The Inverted Dollar Bill and where it rests! The ceiling of The Prince of Wales Pub in St. Augustine! Stopped by for Fish & Chips on our way home from Jax! Connection Fest!

  5. The Inverted! 2014 Connection Festival! Burro Bar!

  6. The Inverted! Connection Festival 2014! Burro Bar! Jacksonville!

  7. With Timmy and Joel on stage at Jack Rabbits in Jax! Helping out on Ice Cream Man!


  8. BalconyTV

    Check out our live performance video for BalconyTV



    #balconytv #theinverted #watersign

  9. We launched a Kickstarter today and a new website! www.theinvertedmusic.net