1. We launched a Kickstarter today and a new website! www.theinvertedmusic.net


  3. Hook Sum Brothas Up!

    Kickstarter campaign has begun!!!  Please check us out and if you can, please donate. Thank you in advance and please pass this information on!


  4. Doing sound at Terra Fermata for Grace and the Victory Riders plus this guy. At least I’m bug free!

  5. Listen to Jennica! She knows what’s she’s talkin’ about!


  6. simplyneverbeenkissed said: I saw you guys at the jacksonville show and you guys are kind of amazing ! ♡

    We think you are amazing for saying that! Thank You so much! Headed back to Jax on Sept 5th at Jack Rabbits with Northe for their new EP release! Then…..we come back the next weekend for the Connection Festival and are playing at Burro Bar at 6:30pm! Just think…two chances to see us! Please come by and say “Hi”!

  7. With heavy hearts, we bid farewell to our best friend and drummer, Timmy Loveland. Thank you so much and we wish you luck in life and love!

  8. @cottonon What do you think? #cottononloves

  9. We got you some balloons. Hope you like. #smile

  10. Northe b chillin